tinEWG & Designer is focused on Hobby programmers. I think it does not satisfy expectations of a professional programmer. And it is experimental, not completed and far away from being bugfree or even completly working ;)

I use this programs and the library for my own little projects. I extend the library as i need it and i normally stop adding features if the problem is solved or as a particular task is completed.)

tinEWG is a simple wrapper for OpenEuphoria 4.x and Windows (Win32Api).The 'Designer' is also a very simple GUI Designer and Code Generator for simple GUI Designs. It is based on Andrea Cini's EuWinGui and his Designer for Euphoria 3.x (see Linkspage). tinEWG is written from scratch but the Designer still contains some code from Andrea Cini. Also i use his Documetation as a base for my own Documetation.

The objective of tinEWG is to keep things simple, tinEWG is made to write simple Win32Api programs in a simple way. Not more and not less. tinEWG is not your framework for creating your next Enterprise Solution, even the Designer pushes it to the limits (and beyond). But if you need to setup some Quick'n dirty programs with an simple GUI then, maybe, tinEWG is your friend.

It may also be useful if you learn programing, becouse tinEWG and OpenEuphoria have a "Steep learning curve".

Your standard 'Hello World' program, may look like this:

include tinewg.exw

Window("Hello World")


Most of the programs written for EuWinGui only need very little changes to work with tinEWG. And you can still write programs in this style. You can also use the documentation for EuWinGui as a source of information.

If you never heard something about the Euphoria Programminglanguage you may first follow the links in the Link Page. Maybe you find what you are searching for. A programming language that is easy to use, NOT Object oriented, that can be used as an Scripting language or translated to 'C' and then compiled.