REDY Application Enviroment
A unique open source graphical programming environment that helps you quickly develop GUI applications.
Wee Editor
A small code-aware editor for Euphoria programming
This searches the RapidEuphoria Archive for. You will find Andrea Cini's EuWInGui here also some programs and a Version of EuWinGui that works with OpenEuphoria 4.x, check for 'Andrea Cini's EUWinGUI reloaded'.
EuGtk is a wrapper for the Gtk 3.x framework and Euphoria 4.x. It is Linux only.
Wrapper for the IUP GUI Toolkit Crossplatform, Windows,Linux,OSX
Homepage of the OpenEuphoria Project. You will find an active Forum and a lot of Information about Euphoria there. This is the Mainsource for Information about OpenEuphoria and the current Development
Homepage of RapidEuphoria (Commercial). This was the Main Site before Euphoria was Open Source.The Site hosts the Euphoria Archive where you can find a lot of programs and example code for Euphoria 3 and 4.
Edita is an Open Source Editor for Programmers, it has real good support for Euphoria (Syntax Highlighting, code folding etc.) it is written in Phix an other Euphoria compatible Interpreter/Compiler. Edita is Windows only.
Open Watcom
For compiling your programs, you will need a C-Compiler. Watcom is supported up to Eu4.0.5. There are also bundled Verions on the OpenEUphoria Homepage.
If you like to translate your programs and compile them, TDM GCC is a good choice, easy to install and handle. Beginning with Eu4.1 only gcc is supported. Watcom support will be dropped.
A really easy to use Setup-Maker.No complicated scripting language,no bloated userinterface.

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